Windy Hill Pictures

Windy Hill Pictures is a group of best friends who've been producing film and video projects together for years. We grew up together in the Bay Area, and we all share a passion for film-making, and for travel. We're the guys who come up with a crazy documentary idea late at night in October, throw together a plan in November, and find ourselves on a plane to India in December. We are all experts at adapting to new environments, collaborating across great distances, and producing in foreign lands. Our 2011 film, "Big in Bollywood" is currently making the festival circuit.

Kenny Meehan

Kenny is a fellow film maker guy who's currently developing Final Cut Pro editing software with Apple computers and making travel based movies on the side.


Created by Tyler MacNiven (Kintaro Walks Japan) and Rowan MacNiven, this web-series highlights the lesser-known wonders of our great city.

Omi Vaidya

Director, actor, and awesome dude. Based out of Los Angeles, Omi recently exploded on the Bollywood scene, and you can find him in front of the camera in remote parts of the world these days.

Jack Gordon

A photographer and media producer who has worked in the United States, Madagascar, Ghana, Kenya, and Liberia. His work strives to reflect a dedication to service, to community-building, and to recognizing the inherent nobility of the entire human family.

Tori Hogan

Filmmaker and advocate for international aid effectiveness. With a deep passion for the developing world this camera-wielding globetrotter is on a quest to reform the aid industry.

Ewen Wright

Ewen is a talented film maker and performer, and the best thing is that he just moved to Oakland. So now we can hang out and make some movie-magic.


NOMAD Films is an independent film label working to further expose low-budget, innovative film and video projects to the masses.

Rock Jacobs

Film Director, Creative Consultant and all around great guy. Has shot music videos and commercials all over the world with clients ranging from Lil Wayne to McDonalds.

David Carr-Berry

Filmmaker with clients Stanford University, UC Office of the president, and AOL, David brings a sense of beauty and poetry to his narrative projects and his industrials. San Francisco based, he is currently developing a film adaptation of the Castor and Pollux myth.

Lysandra Petersson