Its a strange thing being drawn to Adventure. By nature, an adventurous person may have a hard time being happy anywhere... even while on an amazing adventure. Because the horizon always beckons you to go one step further... to climb one more mountain. Also... sometimes being out in the jungle / on a boat / in a foreign city just flat-out sucks.


The most popular videos online are comedy videos. The good folks who get millions of hits on YouTube are often the people with the funniest videos. Well... I'm not very good at being funny. And I don't really aspire to be a comedian. Still... I do have a few videos that stand out in the comedy department.


I have realized over the years that I am at heart a documentarian. I really love traveling to exotic locales, and bringing back stories of the people I met. My favorite films are the ones that show the humanity of the far away stranger; the videos that make the viewer relate to someone they will never meet. These are some of the videos I am the most proud of.


Everyone has an opinion. And in the world of journalism these days, the goal of "objectivity" is not what it once was. I'm OK with that, more or less. I want to know where people stand. And I'm always down to be honest about the way I see things.