Mississippi River Quest (2010)

A 30-Day journey from the headwaters of the Mississippi River to New Orleans. NatGeo TV

After my self-produced 2008 journey down the Mississippi, I was contacted by some producers at National Geographic who'd seen my videos online. They were planning a TV Show about a team of guys traveling down the river, and they wanted me to join the gang. They were looking for someone who could be both in front of, and behind the camera... someone who had already done the Mississippi River before. I was perhaps the only person in the world who fit those criteria... so they hired me.

My second time down the river began in September, and finished in November... so it was much colder than it had been for me the previous year. And unlike my relaxing 80-day 2008 journey, this time we did it in 30 days. And on top of that, we covered an extra 500 miles that I hadn't done the first time.

It was an amazing experience, and very different to my first trip. I traveled with three other guys; a professional fisherman, an environmentalist, and the show's director. We all dealt with some major hang-ups and road-blocks, and by the time we reached the Gulf, we were all downright exhausted. I learned how to fish, I learned a lot about shooting a TV series, and I got to enjoy for a second time the beauty that is the Mississippi River.

The show aired for the first time on National Geographic Television on July 3rd, 2010. I threw a viewing party at my apartment in San Francisco. I had 6 live catfish in swimming in the bathtub, and we made them into delicious sandwiches between viewing episodes 2 and 3.